Village of Comox Incorporation 1946

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           First Residential Map of the Village of Comox 1946-1952  

Following incorporation, the Village of Comox  began taxing property owners to create funds for civic administration. Properties were assessed using land value plus the cost of improvements such as the addition of buildings. Each property was assigned a roll number which corresponded with it’s legal description. The first roll books were kept by the Town of Comox and graciously loaned to the Comox Archives and Museum Society for research. The rolls show the names of the original residents upon incorporation in 1946.

The names of the original streets are shown on this map with red dots indicating the residences present at the time. Beside each dot is the roll number and name of the registered owner. Given the price of homes in 1946 we have deduced that any “improvements” of $750.00 or more represented a residence of some description. The average home in Comox was valued at $2000.00 during this time.

The Comox Archives and Museum Society has assessment rolls for the period between 1946 to 1958 if you would like information on a specific property.