In January the settlers petitioned Governor Douglas for cattle and seeds. The Government sent the steamer Emily Harris with a load of shorthorn Durham cattle. The steamer arrived as close to the Indian Village as it could and pushed the load of cattle off into the water and they were guided ashore by canoe. We believe that several head of oxen also arrived on the Douglas about the same time.

April 2nd – The British Colonist interviewed and unidentified settler from Comox who reported that 50 persons resided in the Valley. There were 15 good homes and several more under construction. He stated that the road from Nanaimo to Comox was underway and should be finished within a month. He stated that many of the settlers were disgruntled about the Government not having arranged for regular mail and paper service. He said that the only store (We believe this was the Hart Store) was poorly supplied leaving many people in a bind over the winter. There were 6 yokes of Oxen, 1 horse, 13 head of cattle all owned by one person and 50 to 60 pigs (we believe this was George Mitchell’s cattle and pigs).

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