Macdonald Wood Park

Say “Yes, Yes” to Parks!

Macdonald Wood Park Society President Diane Maxted standing with our display at the Comox Museum.

The Display will be up until the end of May, if anyone would like a video copy of the history of Macdonald Wood Park please contact the museum.

The museum has the art works of Rene Harding and Merle Bonnick on display September 14th 2023 through to November 4th 2023.
Both Harding and Bonnick were influential and inspirational Comox Valley artists, predominantly during the 1960’s and 1970’s, both painting and sharing their knowledge well into their later years.
There are original paintings on display of both artists works, including several paintings on loan to the museum from Tony Ackland and Jennifer Warnyca, both Comox families, with connections to Bonnick.
Harding was also well know for her valuable contribution to the history section of the former local newspaper, the Comox District Free Press , during the 1970’s.
Harding’s binders of her collection of articles, donated to the museum by Brian Ross, can be viewed upon request.





The Fairbairn Family Reunion was June 22-26, 2023, with many relatives of the Fairbairn family descending up Comox! The late Emily and Maurice Fairbairn owned the historic Lorne Hotel in Comox from 1921 until 1953. Sadly, the Lorne was razed by fire in 2011. Both Emily and Maurice (Cap) were dedicated hoteliers and very connected to the Comox community. Visiting the Comox Museum June 23rd was Emily and Maurice’s granddaughter Jennifer Warnyca, Jennifer’s cousin Susan, and a great granddaughter, Jaima. Thank you to all of the Fairbairn’s that came in to visit the museum! We hope you enjoyed the Fairbairn display we created for your wonderful family!

January 1 1946 – July 13 2023

Sadly, Mary Everson ( nee Frank ) passed away on July 13, surrounded by her loving family. Mary’s husband, Wayne Everson, passed away in April. The loss of both Mary and Wayne is felt throughout the Comox Valley and beyond. Mary was the daughter of the Chief Andy Frank and Margaret Frank. Mary was the mother of eight children and had several grandchildren. Mary taught K’omok’s First Nation culture at schools throughout School District 71 for many years. Her storytelling skills were impressive. Mary recognized the importance of bringing K’omok’s history into the classrooms through her story telling which brought a better understanding and appreciation of the culture. Mary was compassionate and had a wonderful sense of humor. She imparted her loving caring ways where ever she went and was truly a role model for all who were blessed to know her.

Museum Staff member, Terrie, had a lovely group of children come to the museum for a museum Art Tour  July 5th2023.

The children were from Inglis Academy’s Art Week Camp. Terrie was very impressed at how well behaved and interested the children were!

New Book for Sale

Baybrook, Life’s  Best Adventure, edited by Barbara Price,  is now on sale at the museum for $20. Cash or cheques accepted.

It was a pleasure having children from Inglis Summer Camp, Art Attack Week, come to visit the museum July 22 2022! They were there to learn about the artistic components within the many displays throughout the museum. Thank you, Inglis!