Establishing a family archives in your home is not as difficult as it may sound. Families already have the means to do it. We are referring to the hundreds or thousands of photographs family members have stored in shoeboxes, bottom drawers, albums, and elsewhere within their homes. When a family relative passes away these treasures are found and often discarded because there is no identification on who is in the photo. Preservation is something anyone can accomplish with time and effort. First of all, an elderly family member perhaps may be able to assist in identifying the individuals. Secondly, write the names and approximate dates on the back with an archival ink pen. The pen can be purchased at a stationers or a scrapbook store. Develop a simple filing system in which to store these photographs, either in containers or electronically. It is important to check to be sure the storage vehicles are made of non-acidic material. If you are handy with Photoshop, damaged photos could be repaired before filing. This may seem overwhelming in the beginning stages, but think how important this will become to future generations. Scanning will enable you to share with other relatives across the world.

In the Comox Valley citizens have realized the importance of preservation of their local history. The Comox Archives and Museum have been entrusted with countless photographs to preserve and display in the years ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact our genealogy department for advice in this endeavor.

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