1915 – 1916

102nd Battalion occupied the Spit. The engineers condemned the Spit because there was no drinking water but they were posted there anyway. They started construction with plans for 2 and 3 story buildings, but they blew down 3 times so they quartered the men in tents instead. They piped in water from Brooklyn Creek and although the water was not good they used it anyway.

June the 102 Battalion leaves Comox for the War.

The enactment of the Prohibition laws. At that time the Elk was already in legal difficulties and with the new laws the Lorne also fell into financial ruin.  The Port Augusta had never been competitive with the others, so, J B Holmes had made part of the building over into a store so he managed to survive.

William Robb passed away. This marked the end of the Robb control over the Comox town site.

Robert Joseph Filberg arrives with his bride to take over the management of Comox Logging and Railway Company.

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